Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I just finished making the ultimate boots for winter in Vermont.  
The liner is 100% Merino wool felt which I hand stitched,
                                      gusseted tongue construction to keep the water out,
 Vibram Big Horn sole, speed laces, and quilted
side panels.  The leg is lined with nylon and 
the heel lined with a thick leather heel counter to 
stand up to years of wear.
Bring on the snow!

Most boots do not have removable linings.  So I had to work out some 
new techniques for these.  After the wool liner was stitched
 the last was inserted into the liner and insole was 
molded over the liner. I created another set of patterns for the shell and 
lasted the shell on top of the liner.  This allowed me to build
everything on the same last, at the same time,
but keep the liner unattached from the shell of the boot.

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