Friday, November 14, 2014

Handlebar Bags for 27th Letter

QCDG is honored to be working with 27th Letter, Cycles d'Autremont's line of cycling accessories. The recent batch of handlebar bags in 2 sizes is shown here, and both are offered in 2 colorways: grey waxed canvas with black leather trim, and tan waxed canvas with brown leather trim. Contact Hubert if you interested in picking up one of these beauties

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Queen City's new home at Factory 450!

We were bursting at the seams in our Church Street location.  As of January 2014 we are now based at the top of Weaver street in Winooski, just over the bridge from Burlington. We feel right at home in a town built on textiles. Winooski's beautiful mill buildings once drove a thriving textile industry in Winooski and are still the focal point of town on the Winooski River. Our new home is just up the road.
Winooski Mill buildings c.1890

This move gives us much more space to work with and marks a transition to larger scale production that will allow us to begin selling our products to retail stores. We are finally settled in and back up an running and proud to be part of a new textile, sewing and manufacturing hub we are calling Factory 450, composed of 3 independent but complimentary businesses under one roof: Vermont Bosna Cutters, New Duds screen-printers and Queen City Dry Goods. Check out the recent 7days article featuring Factory 450. 

Our new space. Queen City Dry Goods on one side, New Duds on the other:

New Duds
and next door, Bosna: